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Global Buzz Report: November 2021

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GLOBAL CALENDAR of zoom events - We would encourage all of us to keep an eye on the Global Archive new initiative – hosting global conversations – book reviews, topical discussions, etc.

I have been on several very fine conversations. https://icaglobalarchives.org/social-research-center-events/  The aim is to make this a GLOBAL CALENDAR with a range of time zone options.

Do consider your participation as well as hosting an on line session some time!

Global Schedule of events!

For November, click on this link: https://icaglobalarchives.org/social-research-center-events/.to see four types of events: studies, significant conversations, training and impactful global events.

Remember: YOU are invited to:
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The vision for the Global Calendar of events is to make this easily accessible/ globally friendly to all no matter where/what!

As you will be aware, ICAI – GA is in process of some re-structuring (with all ICAs represented) – a further opportunity for strengthening our global/regional communication and collaboration.

For December


ICA members and friends are invited to a
Global multicultural celebrative end of year zoom party!

What – a sharing of stories and yarns from the year & looking forward to 2022 and beyond!
When - choose your time -
3pm CST (Chicago time)
&/or 12 noon (Togo time) on 11/12 December

How – on the Global Schedule zoom platform

You are also invited to be part of the planning team for this event. If so please let Alan know at agammel@ix.netcom.com Guests will be able to register on the global schedule, and a link will be sent.

Let’s make it a wonderful connective event to end the year!!!
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Karen, Alan, Sunny, Virginia and Robyn           rjhutchinson48@gmail.com


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Les activités de ce mois ont porté sur la rentrée scolaire et la mobilisation des femmes leaders dans le projet de lutte contre le changement climatique financé par ICA USA. Pour la rentrée scolaire au centre d’éducation préscolaire Sainte Sato, nous avons commencé par le recrutement des élèves conforment aux instructions du Ministère de la famille de la femme et de l’enfant. Les cours au centre d’éducation préscolaire ont commencé le 04 octobre 2021 avec  quinze élèves attendant que les parents viennent inscrire leurs enfants puisque nous pouvons continuer de recruter les enfants jusqu’à fin novembre.

Mais le centre traverse des difficultés car n’ayant pas de clôture les animaux domestiques passent dans ainsi que des personnes qui roulent la moto pour passer dans la cours du centre mettant en la vie des enfants en danger. Nous avons entreprit avec ICA Japon un projet pour pouvoir faire cette clôture pour créer un cadre adéquat et sécurisé pour les enfants.

Projet changement climatique, dans la réalisation de ce projet qui se divise en trois phases qui sont :

  • La sensibilisation
  • La formation
  • Le suivi

Nous avons depuis le 22 du mois octobre juste après reçu les fonds commencé la phase de la sensibilisation dans les différents villages auprès des femmes pour leur pleine adhésion  au projet. Notre sensibilisation à portée sur les effets du changement climatique sur les changements de la nature, de l’environnement, de la rareté des pluies, de la déforestation etc ….
Elles ont été instruite sur les attitudes à adopter dans leur vécu quotidien pour contribuer elles aussi à lutter contre se changement climatique que nous observons dans nos villages  et voir dans notre pays. Les présidentes des femmes de chacun des villages ont  proposé quatre femmes pour prendre part la deuxième phase qui est à la formation sur la construction et l’utilisation des foyers améliorés qui aura lieu dans  le village de Bounda dans le mois de novembre 2021.  

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This month's activities focused on back to school and mobilizing women leaders in the ICA USA funded climate change project. For the start of the school year at the Sainte Sato preschool education center, we started by recruiting students in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of the Family of Women and Children. Classes at the preschool education center started on October 04, 2021 with fifteen students waiting for parents to register their children since we can continue to recruit children until the end of November.

But the center is going through difficulties because, having no fence, pets pass through as well as people who ride motorcycles through the center's yard putting children in danger. We have undertaken with ICA Japan a project to be able to make this fence to create an adequate and safe environment for the children.

Climate change project, in the realization of this project which is divided into three phases which are:

  • Awareness
  • Training
  • The follow-up

Since the 22nd of October, just after receiving the funds, we have started the sensitization phase in the various villages with women for their full adherence to the project. Our awareness focused on the effects of climate change on change in nature, the environment, the scarcity of rains, deforestation etc….

They were instructed on the attitudes to adopt in their daily life to also contribute to the fight against climate change that we observe in our villages and see in our country. The women's presidents of each of the villages have proposed four women to take part in the second phase which is the training on the construction and use of improved stoves which will take place in the village of Bounda in the month of November 2021.

Kouame Konan         konaneug@gmail.com


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Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Ambassador
through Youth Facilitative Leadership

ICA Nepal in coordination with Kalpa Academy launched Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Ambassador, through Youth Facilitative Leadership Programme intending to engage youths in activities through imparting knowledge about Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and build skills on project design and implementation. We will be working with young people directly through training and mentorship. The launching event was held on 21 October 2021 in the presence of hundreds of youths along with University Professors and development workers. The chief guest of the event, Prof. Robertson Work highlighted the contribution that these innovative programs would make to the development of youth and in the achievement of UN initiatives. The first batch of the training will start at the end of November to facilitate the youth on SDGs.

Social Artistry Leaadership; Spark Project:
In memorial of Late Richard Sims, ICA Nepal launched Certificate Course on Social Artistry in August 2021. The first batch was conducted in August in September. The sessions for the second batch were held in early October. It is designed as a five-day session. During the first three days, participants work together to understand the tools and methods of Social Artistry, develop Spark Projects. They have 15 days to implement their Spark Project with the help of their mentor. On days IV and V, participants share their learning and achievement. The training is participated by 25 youths from diverse geography and background. The youths have developed their Spark Project action plans and currently implementing the spark projects. The participants are divided into four teams and each team is assigned with a mentor. Participants are provided with Rs. 5000 each as a grant. The sessions are facilitated by Janet Sanders, Evelyn Philbrook, Tatwa P. Timsina, Amba Datta Bhatta, Ishu Subba, and Pramila KC.

ICA Nepal with the support of PEOPLEnergy, Social Artistry in Taiwan has collaborated to develop social leaders, artists and develop an artistic approach to the social behavior of people. The work of Social Artistry strives to provide a dynamic balance between inner understanding and outward expression to enable the same "focus, perspective, skill training, tireless dedication and fresh vision of the artist to the social arena.


Every Friday Learning Friday
ICA Nepal has been organizing different Classified Talks shows on relevant topics residing in the community through experts on its Every Friday, Learning Friday program. The topics on October were as follows:

  1. Linking Idea to Action: Fundraising Experiences- Mr. Sharada P. Dhital.
  2. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Ambassador through Youth Facilitative Leadership Program.
  3. Micro-Enterprise Development Model for Creation of Women Entrepreneur- Ms. Sabita Koirala

Micro Grant Initiative on Community Development- 2021
ICA Nepal has launched Micro-Grant on three key topics as Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM), STEM Education, and Social Artistry Leadership 2021. Altogether 30 local organizations working in diverse social causes received micro-grants. The supports were in cash and kind. We supported Rs. 10000 to Rs. 300000 cash and support equipment such as concentrators, supplies, education kit, sanitary napkins, etc.

Our Menstrual Cycle Our Health
Hatemalo Kendra carried out an awareness-raising program on Menstrual Hygiene Management to girls of the community.

Safe Menstruation
Conservation Nepal conducted a project on MHM to strengthen the capacity of the adolescent school girls.

Psychological impact on Female Trekkers on Menstrual Hygiene During Travel.
Nepal Tiger Trust conducted a survey and awareness program to understand the psychological impact of women while traveling during their period and understand which products do the women usually use while traveling and why.

Food Distribution Programme
ICA Nepal along with the Rotaract Club of Rudramati conducted a Food Distribution Programme to Triveni. The support was accepted by the Chairperson of Madheshi Mahila Samaj Ms. Reena Shah.

Tihar Greetings

On the auspicious occasion of the Hindu’s great festival Tihar/ Deepali we conducted a program on Tihar Greetings. Many participants were present in the very session where we all distributed our wishes and greetings to each other.

Prepared by: Swikriti Parajuli


Social Change Conversation pilot phase nears completion
as Global Buzz goes to press.

Thanks to the participation of colleagues (ICA staff, board, ToP Practitioners, friends and acquaintances) around the globe we have completed our 6th Zoom gathering raising the question: “What will it take to release large amounts of sustained human energy towards significant social (economic, political and cultural) change over the rest of this century?”

Over 50 colleagues from Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America contributed 194 answers to the question, organizing them into 40 clusters using a simplified ToP Consensus Workshop approach with Google Slides, facilitated by Jan Sanders, Lauren Lika Briga and Jim Wiegel.

Why are we doing this? In November of 2020, 40 of us gathered in a Problem Solving Unit and proposed the creation of a Global Research Network. This “Social Change Conversation” is a pilot initiative at building this network in line with our earliest beginnings— our common concern “With the Human Factor in World Development” (1973) — our identity as a “People of the Question” (1984) and our boldness in asking “How can we participate effectively in the situation(s) we have been given?” (1965). For more on our early history, see Our Global Research Network website, especially the Social Change collection   See here

Today, as we are spread across a world faced with amazing challenges over the rest of this century, we look for more ways to connect with, reinforce and encourage one another in our work in local communities and with organizations and institutions. Jan, Lauren and I begin, this week, to pull together what we have come up with and to consider how to answer a second question:

“What are the practical implications for us?” Join us when you can!

Jim Wiegel

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