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Global Buzz Report: October 2021

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YARNING with Craig Cromelin, WRN on September 30, 2021

 Elaine Telford  introduced Craig Cromelin of Ngiyampaa and Wiradjuri heritage as a dear friend, artist, photographer, carpenter, and Land Rights Councillor of 12 years.

WRN members were inspired by Craig's enthusiam and love of family, community and country. We learned that his sense of fairness and respect for others came from his mother and grandmother, remembering hearing his Grandmother speaking in her native tongue.

It was Craig's innate integrity that guided him in taking the ALC in a new direction. To be more open and community minded, showing great leadership and independence in the process. As part of this work, Craig has taken the plight of his people to the world stage, sharing ideas and solution with other first nations people at UN and EMRIP meetings held in New York and Geneva.

Craig shared the powerful emotion he and other colleagues felt when they first sighted 'The Uluru Statement from the Heart'. He said that it captured everything, and felt great joy in this gift. "An invitation to be involved"
Evie Piklar imparted her experience when meditating at Monmartre in Paris. It came to her that the original Sacred Heart is at Uluru. She later came home and learned of 'The Uluru Statement from the Heart'.

Questions arose around what action he would like to see from our group, and how important it is for us to be advised by Aboriginal people. He said to listen to those who are the policy levels, the campaign levels, and all the local grassroots folk, including The Aboriginal Youth Delegation, Craig stressed the importance of first building relationships.

Elaine thanked Craig for his story telling and great generosity. Craig being a very humble man thanked WRN for our work. He said that together we have a broader reach.
We were reminded that it is the 36th anniversary of the handing back of Uluru on the 26th October.


Also here is a link to:
            Waking up the snake - building a coilition of hope PDF

Robyn           rjhutchinson48@gmail.com

GLOBAL CALENDAR of zoom events - We would encourage all of us to keep an eye on the Global Archive new initiative – hosting global conversations – book reviews, topical discussions, etc.

I have been on several very fine conversations. https://icaglobalarchives.org/social-research-center-events/  The aim is to make this a GLOBAL CALENDAR with a range of time zone options.

Do consider your participation as well as hosting an on line session some time!

Global Schedule of events!

For October, click on this link: https://icaglobalarchives.org/social-research-center-events/.to see four types of events: studies, significant conversations, training and impactful global events.

Remember: YOU are invited to:
1.Offer a presentation you are interested in giving;
2.Recommend other people to present;
3.Participate in any of the events and encourage your friends to attend; and
4.Give feedback by emailing: icaglobalschedule@gmail.com.

The vision for the Global Calendar of events is to make this easily accessible/ globally friendly to all no matter where/what!

As you will be aware, ICAI – GA is in process of some re-structuring (with all ICAs represented) – a further opportunity for strengthening our global/regional communication and collaboration.

Karen, Alan, Sunny, Virginia and Robyn           rjhutchinson48@gmail.com



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Strengthening Local Organizations through Micro-Grants

In early September, ICA Nepal continued its Social Artistry training for youths between the ages group 18-30. The session was facilitated by our colleague Janet Sanders, supported by Evelyn Kurihara Philbrook and the Social Artistry team of Nepal. After the effective training in August, all the participants came back with great stories and learnings from the Spark Project they carried out between the time duration.

ICA Nepal believes that we all have a spark within ourselves but we need someone's enlightenment and support to carry it out. We also provided them a micro-grant. The attendees were able to carry out projects under different sectors such as MHM, COVID-19, Education, Sports, Environment, Handicrafts, etc. All participants were very proud to get to attend the session, everyone was spiritually and emotionally connected. This training worked as a great inspiration for all the participants to help them carry out the project they had always wished for. Throughout the session, everyone discussed how overwhelmed they all were while conducting Spark Projects. This project also worked as a refreshment among the attendees during the pandemic, getting them engaged in the things they loved and had always wished for. At last, they all had tears of joy in their eyes, visualizing their achievement. After the very successful session, through our small support, they made their 5year long plan and promised own self to keep these works going and aiming their Spark. All the participants also hoped to meet each other someday doing great things and as someone's inspiration.
Fundraising for NGOs in Nepal conducts Classified Talks shows from experts on its Every Friday, Learning Friday program. The topics on September were as follows:

  1. Strengthening NGOs through Financial Viability- Dr. Yogesh Kumar Upadhyay.
  2. Disability Inclusive Project Planning & Grant Support from Abilis Foundation- Dr. Birendra Raj Pokharel.
  3. Key Role of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Economy- Ms.Lajali Bajracharya.
  4. Assets Based Community Development_Some Fundraising Challenges- Mr. Raj B. Giri.

The expert and facilitators present during the session establish great insights regarding the particular field, helping people solve their queries without feeling mocked or unaware. We also express our gratitude to the experts through our Certificate of Appreciation to the Speakers. Despite the pandemic, we aim to foster and spread knowledge and let people know more about NGOs' funding, support, and practices adopted worldwide breaking the stereotypes.

With the positive wave of bringing change in the NPO sector and developing funding capacity, ICA Nepal has been initiating a web portal called Fundraising for NGOs in Nepal. Through the portal, ICA Nepal launched its Micro-Grant initiative on 3 different topics as Menstrual Hygiene Management, STEM Education, and Social Artistry were almost 30 different organizations got funding opportunities and kinds ranging from Rs.15,000 to Rs.300,000.

ICA Nepal carried out Need Assessment meetings for different organizations as Manmohan Memorial Community Hospital (MMCH) and Nepal Community Development Center (NCDC) along with some financial help.  We were very contented to get ourselves engaged with health sectors during the pandemic. Both the organizations were equally grateful to our team and look forward to implementing developmental projects after addressing their needs.


Along with the help of ICA Nepal, Ghumtee Dalit Sanjal conducted leadership training for Dalit Community, aimed to build the capacities of Dalit Communities through Right Based Approach. Dalit communities are some of the marginalized people of Nepal who are deprived of all their needs due to illiteracy and poverty. The community was very excited to receive the training where they got to know more about their right that can have a direct impact on their as well as national quality movement. The training remained very fruitful to all the participants by spreading knowledge on their rights.
ICA Nepal signed MOU with Kalpa Academy aiming at Sustainable Development Goals through Youth Facilitative Leadership Program together. We also aim to formulate 17 different techniques by 2030 to pursue development.

ICA Nepal also successfully carried out a meeting with our fellow member ICA Bangladesh. ICA Bangladesh has remained passive for almost 10-12 years now. Throughout the session, we collectively seek and discussed new ideas and techniques, and how they can revive their organization. The meeting remained very successful, and the members were very optimistic about the conclusion.

A brief visit to the Sanitary Napkin Production Unit, Dairy, Centre for Disabled Children Assistance (CDCA), and Human & National Development Society (HANDS), Nepal Wheelchair Repair Project added delight to the September. During the visit, we were able to explore how beautifully these organizations have been helping people through their dedication and hard work.

ICA Nepal Activities in Brief

       MOU signing with Kalpa                                                      Dashain Greetings
    Sanitary Napkin Production Unit                        Meeting with ICA Bangladesh
    Drawing Competition during Spark Project                             Visit on MMCH
                 Visit at CDCA                                         Visit at Nepal Wheelchair Repair Project

And: ICA Nepal is supporting Dwarfs (Little People) to build customized houses in Nepal. They keep facing mockery and discrimination almost all day long. Due to limited technologies, they often struggle to adapt to their daily routine. We can establish a Learning Centre that will accommodate and provide training to Dwarf that would eventually help them for income generation. I have attached a pdf for your reference, kindly go through it.         
          Uplifting the Lives of Dwarf People. See Here PDF

Prepared by: Swikriti Parajuli

The last Global Community development meeting
was called on 11 Sept. 2021 which was participated by representatives from Asia Pacific and few from Africa. As the meeting is a global meeting, we would like to hear more from each one of you from every corner of the globe where ICA is undertaking human development activities. I was assigned by the team to reach out and invite you all to the next community development meeting. The meeting is open to all.

I have attached the meeting minutes for your reference. See Here PDF

Key discussions were:
1. The emphasis is on community practitioners. Global Community Development Team work as a support, resource, capability building for community practitioners to develop skills in community development

2. ICA Perspective: what is the edge contribution or value add by this team to the area of community development?

The next meeting is on 9 October 2021, 12 Noon Togo Time.

The meeting link is Meeting lInk: .https://us02web.zoom.us/j/9841883077?pwd=NjNFemR3aHVRM1FTa1FyM2JidkR2Zz09

Zoom id: 9841883077

Passcode: ngofund

Kindly confirm your participation and if you are thinking of anything for the agenda for the next meeting, please share.

Ishu Subba           subbaishu@gmail.com


New Book by Robertson Work

Society, Spirit & Self: Essays on the One Dance
was just published. The fifth book of ICA colleague Robertson “Rob” Work contains a lot of ICA experience, wisdom, methods and models. It is available in paperback and e-book on Amazon in 13 countries, on Bookdepository with free shipping worldwide, and on other online sites and local bookshops.  
In this book, you can enjoy essays on societal, spiritual, and personal transformation. In three collections, sixty-five essays written from 1966 to 2021 provide helpful insights and inspiration. You will encounter ideas and experiences of the author and also those drawn from UNDP, the Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA), Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Jean Houston, Ken Wilber, Thich Nhat Hanh, Willis Harman, Paul Tillich, Rudolph Bultmann, and others.

You will explore the nine themes of whole systems change, sustainable human development, visionary social activism, demythologized Christianity, progressive Buddhism, worldly spirituality, and intimate reflections on the author’s vocation, awareness, and presence.

Individual topics include the aftermath of 9/11, Venezuelan culture, the dissolution of the Order Ecumenical, the HIV/AIDS pandemic, governance, urbanization and urban development, the movement of movements (MoM), social artistry, transformative seminar designs, personal grief and joy, and COVID-19 pandemic living. In our time of crisis and opportunity, this book can provide a peaceful perspective and understanding to help strengthen your compassion for self, others, and the Earth-community. Enjoy being part of the One Dance!

“A treasure trove of creative and analytical writings; emotional honesty & intellectual discipline”
– Tina Spencer, yoga instructor (Australia), former ICA staff

“So relevant to economic and political polarization – from a public intellectual”
David D. Elliott, international educator (Vietnam)

“A vital guide – I highly recommend this book”
Elsa Javines Batica, retired facilitator, trainer & consultant

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