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Global Buzz Report: November 2020

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ICA-Côte d’Ivoire dans le souci de mettre en œuvre son plan stratégique d’autonomisation et de développement personnel choisi de réaliser deux projets cette année 2020. Ces projets, se base sur les infrastructures que possède notre bureau il y a des années de cela à Brobo et Agboville. Ils vont permettre d’une manière grâce aux recettes de supporter les charges fixes de fonctionnement et de garantir un minimum de revenu aux personnels qui travaillent à ICA-CI.

 Le projet école qui vient de faire sa rentrée scolaire cette année à Brobo est une activité pérenne qui va je pense dans quelques années être le socle du soutien financier de notre bureau. Il faut comprendre que cette école qui a commencé par la maternelle est prévue pour être construit jusqu’au cycle supérieur dans l’avenir.

Les élèves de l’école maternelle Privée Sainte Sato

Les élèves en séance prise de contact avec les
Les élèves dansant au son d’une chanson pour les

Le deuxième projet est la production des poules pondeuses à parti des poulets reproducteurs que nous avons reçu grâce au projet réalisé avec ICA Japon pendant les quatre années avec le financement du Ministère des Affaires Etrangères du Japon. Nous avons planifié de produire d’ici la moitié de l’année 2021.

Ces projets vont nous permettre aussi de faire du social ou des appuis aux activités des communautés vulnérables vivant dans nos zones d’intervention.

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ICA-Côte d'Ivoire in order to implement its strategic plan for empowerment and personal development has chosen to carry out two projects this year 2020. These projects are based on the infrastructure that our office had years ago in Brobo and Agboville. They will allow in a way, thanks to the revenues that will be generated, to support the fixed operating costs and to guarantee a minimum of income to the staff who work at ICA-CI.

 The school project, which has just started this school year in Brobo, is a long-term activity which I think will be the basis of financial support for our office in a few years. It should be understood that this school which started with kindergarten is planned to be built up to the upper cycle in the future.

The pupils of the Sainte Sato Private Kindergarten

Students in contact with teachers

Students dancing to a children's song

The second project is the production of laying hens from the breeding chickens that we received thanks to the project carried out with ICA Japan during the four years with the financing of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. We plan to produce by half of 2021.
These projects will also allow us to provide social or support activities for vulnerable communities living in our intervention areas.

Kouame Konan


Brief October Activity Report

ICA Nepal conducted the following community development activities on workdays in October.

      1. Completion of repairing an irrigation tank which was devastated in the deadly Nepal earthquake in 2015

As an agricultural country, Nepal is in dire need of technological advancements in farming. Irrigation is one of those crucial technologies that help to improve agricultural yields. An old irrigation tank, which was devastated in the Nepal earthquake in 2015, was neglected that affected the productivity of local farmers. This old irrigation tank has been repaired successfully. Besides, the construction of a brand new water storage tank is under process. These two tanks together will supply water even during the dry season, which will be a lot of help for the farmers. The project expects that more than 150 households will be able to raise their income with the irrigation facility. Farmers cannot wait to switch to cash crops from food crops after the completion of irrigation tanks. Villagers are confident that this transition would bring them extra income and are desperately waiting to reap the benefits of this project.

Some glimpses of irrigation tank renovation:

        2. Teaching youths about plumbing to improve the livelihoods of rural communities

On a quest to improve the livelihoods of rural communities of Sindhupalchok district, ICA Nepal is providing a two-month-long plumbing training for youths. A noticeable factor of the training is that three of the participants are female. Interestingly, it is rare for women to work as a plumber in Nepal. Nevertheless, women participants of this training are as equally enthusiastic and proactive as their male counterparts.

Many people in the country are unemployed, and the recent surge in COVID-19 cases has axed the jobs of many youths. Project stakeholders believe that the training will help the participants to be financially independent. Plumbing participants can also be self-employed and thus will be able to work on the terms and conditions of their own. Plumbers are in high demand in Nepal because of increased construction activities.

Our trainees have already built two water taps inside the training center. They will certify their skill with the national certification body CTEVT. ICA Nepal always encourages trainees to share their knowledge with other community members. Participants are extremely happy with this opportunity and have committed that they will apply the training skills in their real lives.

Some glimpses of plumbing training:

Nepal Update
Nepal celebrated Dashain in October, the most revered festival for the majority of Nepalese. People worship nine deities for nine straight days during the festival. These goddesses represent the power of women and encourage people to follow the path of righteousness. From the tenth day onwards, until the fifteenth-day, people receive blessings from their elders. Covid-19 struck the country, and thus many people could not celebrate Dashain as cheerfully as they did in the past.

There are 37,524 active cases in Nepal and 984 deaths due to COVID-19 to date. In the past, there were comparatively fewer patients showing the symptoms of Coronavirus. Unfortunately, the rate of people catching the deadly virus has spiked exponentially. Due to the fragile health care system in the country, many people have succumbed to death. We hope and pray that scientists discover the vaccine soon, and we cannot wait to return to our old normal.

Report prepared by:

Yunusha Kafle,
Program Officer, ICA Nepal




The lockdown and restriction of gatherings hindered some of the activities planned for the uear. However, we were still able to do some things, especially online trainings and meetings. Below are the few activities carried out during the period.

EPDI has a new website with the domain name < www.epdi.org>.


PSP Planning Workshop: 
Conducted the Participatory Strategic Planning Workshop with the
Teenagers Unit in the Church between March and July 2020 on “Repositioning Teens Church for   Greater Effectiveness and Impact.” As reported in our May report, three workshops - Vision, Obstacles and Strategic Actions were completed. We had to wait for the lockdown to be relaxed before the final workshop i.e. Implementation Timeline, which was done in July, 2020.

At the end, eight strategic directions were arrived at, out of which six teams were set up to implement the activities of the first quarter.  

Below are some participants’ comments at the end of the planning:

“I am challenged to reach deep within myself for ideas other than I already have to help improve on Teens Church.”

“The enthusiasm of the coordinator (Facilitator); Each step of the workshop threw light on the things we overlooked that seems now critical to the survival of the Church; It was a worthwhile thing.” 

 “The cardboards usage was very interesting and organized; The delivery was very realistic and organic; the method of the training was very engaging and it was never boring.”

 “The organic method was top notch. The delivery was very practical and hands-on.”

“What is significant for me is that this workshop has enabled me to realize that planning is key to greater achievements. For the Teens Church to go on higher strides, planning is key.”

 “The workshop has become a bedrock for the survival and growth of the Teens Church.”


-     Teenagers Church:The first follow-up meeting held on September 27, 2020. Apparently most of the teams had not started their implementation due to some challenges; while some started their activities on-line. They were encouraged to start working on their plans especially now that the lockdown had been relaxed. The next follow-up comes up in December, 2020

-      Junior Church
:The unit’s strategic plan is one year already.   The various teams are actively working on their action plans. Though th children’s section has not resumed meetings since the lockdown in Lagos, as children between ages 0 -11 are not allowed to go to Church yet.

The teams devised ways of implementing their action plans and various online activities were initiated to keep engaging both the children, parents and the teachers/workers. 

*        AFRICA ToP NETWORK/ONLINE TRAINING:  Several meetings have been held on the formation of the network, modallities for operation and getting more people on board are ongoing. Meetings hold every month for now and we have active participants.

Several online trainings in ToP methodologies have been held online. Hannah has been participating, and also co-facilitated, in some of the programs. Other people who had been trained in ToP in Nigeria were invited to be part of the group. 

Thanks to Jonathan Dudding and John Cornwell for their coordination.

Hannah Anighoro


Calls for Ecological Compassionate Leadership:
New Book by ICA Colleague

ICA colleague and decentralized governance expert Robertson Work calls for decisive action in this critical decade of 2020 - 2029. Addressed to 3,000 leaders around the world, these talks given in 2010 - 2019 concern multiple crises and opportunities, an emerging civilization, innovative leadership (ToP group facilitation, social artistry, integral thinking), sustainable development, public service, community development, the movement of movements (MoM), and peacebuilding. Sponsors include the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA), Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA), Building Creative Communities Conference, Oklahoma City University, Horace Mann School, and World Fair Field. Talks were given in New York City, Bahrain, Chicago, Nepal, Seattle, Tanzania, India, Oklahoma City, Republic of Korea; Colquitt, Georgia; and Fairfield, Iowa. Be empowered by bold ideas, methods, and actions for a regenerative-just world. The photo is of Work at ICA USA in 2010 giving the first of the twelve talks.

“I greatly appreciated the inspiring talks that professor Work delivered.” - Adriana Alberti, PhD, Chief, Programme Management and Capacity Development, United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA). “. . . the urgency and power of a prophet along with the empathy and compassion of a fellow journeyman.” – Terry Bergdall, PhD, CEO ICA-USA, 2009-2015; faculty member, ABCD Institute, De Paul University, Chicago. “Rob’s words will be treasured by all who read them.” - Joy Jinks, MSW, Co-Coordinator, Building Creative Communities Conferences.

Moorman Robertson Work, Jr. has worked for over fifty years in fifty-plus countries as UNDP principal policy adviser for decentralized governance, NYU Wagner professor of innovative leadership, and ICA executive-director in four countries conducting community, organizational, and leadership development initiatives. This is his fourth book, with contributions to eleven others. He is a nonfiction author and ecosystem/justice activist and lives with his wife in Swannanoa, North Carolina, USA, near family, friends, and the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The book is currently available as a Kindle e-book on Amazon. The paperback will be out shortly.

Best wishes,


Author page for my books: https://www.amazon.com/Robertson-Work/e/B075612GBF

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