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Global Buzz Report: June 2020

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Here is a book review and bio from Gene Marshall

Gene and Ruth Marshall were among the first nine families of a religious order of families (the Order:Ecumenical). For six years he served as dean of the Ecumenical Institute’s eight-week residential Academy that trained leadership for religious and social engagement work with participants from many parts of the world. Beginning in 1983 Gene and Joyce Marshall organized a nonprofit educational organization, Realistic Living, and began co-teaching innovative programs and workshops plus publishing journals, books, and essays. This book is Gene’s ninth book-length project. Joyce and Gene live in Bonham, Texas in a straw bale house.

The Thinking Christian:

Twenty-three Pathways of Awareness by Gene W. Marshall

Wipf and Stock Publishers

This book, three years in the making, is a pull together of key edges worked on for the last 36 years. Part One on Profound Consciousness is a five-chapter philosophy of religion that probes why religion appears in human societies, and how good religion can be distinguished from its perversions. Part Two on Christian Theologizing is a fresh statement of a radical thoughtfulness beyond the death of the heavenly realm metaphor toward a relevant expression of Christian faith in this interreligious era, including the meaning of revelation and a recovery of Scripture. Part Three on Christian Practices includes ethical guidelines for our love of justice in the wide world, the Christian mission of witness and justice, and communal practices for our life together. These chapters assume that we are facing a radical shift in the practice of the Christian religion.

For further information and sample chapters on The Thinking Christian, See Amazon.com: then books: then Thinking Christian Gene W. Marshall

Robyn Hutchinson        rjhutchinson48@gmail


All our face-to-face public courses cancelled out starting in early March, at least 15 altogether. But we have been receiving many calls for online training. Jo Nelson began Group Facilitation Methods training online in 2014, then expanded to Meetings That Work, and Participatory Strategic Planning in 2015. The courses are all live, interactive, online courses approximating the experience of the fac-to-face courses. But Jo has found ways to increase the learning using Adobe Connect, Linoit, Mural and other e-programs that allow one to do workshops online.

Because of the new requests, we will put more and more of our courses and programs online in the coming months, including some asynchronous, self-paced courses that people can do on their own. This requires us to invest in Learning Management System that give new trainees the capacity to track their own training and do modules and lessons are their own rate.

In the meantime we are getting calls to do private inhouse courses using our online training programs.

Bill Staples           bstaples@ica-associates.ca


EPDI Board Meeting:
The first Board meeting of the year held on February 13, with all members present. One of the key points is the development of our Youth as Facilitative Leaders package in order to equip youths with skills for meaningful engagements.

Participatory Strategic Planning Workshop:

Network Activities:

MONITORING of COVID-19 Palliatives Distribution for Most Vulnerable Households of Lagos State Primary Schools:

Hannah Anighoro           epdi2008@yahoo.com


Family, friends and colleagues:

We invite you to join us in a virtual Memorial Celebration for Marge Philbrook, on Wednesday, June 10, at 10:00 a.m. Central Standard Time, US (Marge’s 92nd birthday).

We hope to have a ‘gathered’ memorial for Marge in the future, when safe. Perhaps this will be on June 10, 2021 in Chicago.

We will begin with a photo show of Marge’s life accompanied by music provided by some of her grandchildren. Then there will be a (sort of) formal celebration followed by a sharing time for brief stories and reflections about Marge. If you would like to share something during this ‘open mic’, please contact Dallas and Donna Ziegenhorn at margephilbrook2020@gmail.com so they can guide our Zoom Storytime.

If you would like to attend the Memorial Celebration, please click this link to register: https://tablexi.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJArdOyppjsuG9QmPuXztuHlNdSA_NJUx3s0

The process is quick. In your confirmation, you will receive a link that you will use to join us for the event via email. We will also send a program by email later.

Registering is easy to do, however, if you have any issues you can email Lloyd Philbrook phoolish@whatafool.com If you run into problems with your zoom registration, he can help you.

We hope you can help us celebrate Marge’s passing. In lieu of flowers, we are requesting donations for the Archives at ICA USA in Marge’s memory. https://www.flipcause.com/hosted_widget/hostedWidgetHome/Mzc4MDU=

Grace and Peace, Roy, Gene, Deana, Kenneth, Paula, Larry and Evelyn

P.S. If you are unable to attend, the celebration will be recorded and made available later. We collected addresses to invite you from several places, so you may get more than one invitation, we apologize for this inconvenience. Also, you may forward this invitation to anyone who might wish to participate.

Larry Philbrook



Attached is the report of the recent ICA Social Research Center’s Spring Gathering held virtually May 10-13, 2020. There were 102 participants from the USA, Australia, Peru, Canada, UK, Kenya, Taiwan, Nepal, and Malaysia.

We hope you enjoy this interactive report and the Nine Research Arenas. View the real-time videos of each session as you explore the collections more deeply. Note that the icon on each page will take you directly to that Collection on the website.

You are invited to engage with our team to enhance and expand the work already done.

  • Do you have archive files that would be helpful to add to the website? If so, please make a PDF copy and e-mail to ICA Social Research Center (aka Global Archives) at globalarchives@ica-usa.org.
  • What stories could you write to share on the website? (see Human Development: Majuro for Lee and Leah Early stories; see Institute Foundations for Hilde Betonte stories; see Imaginal Education: Elementary for Jann McGuire story, etc.).
  • If you would be willing to work with a Collection Team to create the website pages, contact related Collection Guide.
  • Use your artistic, poetic, and technical experience to invite people to explore the treasure trove of wisdom in these collections for their arenas of engagement in building a better society.
  • Help finish the work that Marge Philbrook and so many others have initiated by making a contribution to the Archives Fund in memory of Marge or other departed archive angels.

On behalf of the ICA Social Research Center Team,

Lynda Cock USA           lynda860@outlook.com

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