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Global Buzz Report: November 2019

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ICAI Board Report:

Dear ICAI members

Dear ICAI members and associates
As a board we are working on reviewing the membership criteria, so you will be receiving an email asking for information related to that. As a reminder our statutory membership criteria are:

  1. Be a registered organization
  2. One ICA per country
  3. Demonstrate competency on ICA methods
  4. Pay annual dues
  5. Transparent accounting: an annual external independent review of their finances and will share this with ICAI
  6. Program reporting
  7. Effective projects
  8. Operate in alignment with traditional and emerging ICA values
  9. Provide some inputs and effort for the international work of ICA.
  10. Compliance agreement

If you have any question, please communicate with the vice president of your region, so we can promote regional communication.

Lisseth Lorenzo            lissethlorenzo@gmail.com
President ICAI

The new Winds and Waves magazine

We are delighted to invite you to share your stories
via medium.com/winds-and-waves which is the public platform
we have moved to now, to publish Winds & Waves.
Please see the attachment which sets out how you can now
personally publish your stories for Winds and Waves magazine.

See here W&W@Medium PDF


The Completion Ceremony of the construction of the community training center was held on October 11 2019 at ward no. 10 Karkitar Chautara, Sangachowkgadi, Municipality of Sindhupalchowk, in the presence of the Honorable Mr. Arun Nepal, Minister for Industry, Tourism, Forest and Environment, Province No. 3, and Mr. Yoshiki Sando, Second Secretary, Economic Cooperation, Embassy of Japan in Nepal. The other guests were the Honorable Member of Parliament Mr. Saresh Nepal and Chairperson for Development Committee, Province No. 3, Mr. Aman Singh Tamang, Chairperson for Chautara Sangachowkgadi Municipality, and ward Chairmen, ward no. 10, ward no. 9, ward no. 8, ward no. 13 of same Municipality, and chairperson of ward no. 3 of Sunkoshi Rural Municipality. The event was attended by more than 200 local community people.

The community training center was constructed at Chautara Sangachowkgadi Municipaltiy ward no. 10 Karkitar. The grant assistance from Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) Japan and the Embassy of Japan was used to construct the one storey multipurpose building.

The project was jointly carried out by the Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA) Japan and the Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA) Nepal, in coordination with a local partner, Rural Youth People Concern Forum in 2018. The major motive of the training center is to provide a space for community meetings, training, facilitation and seminars; also to provide space for income generating activities; provide space for students, researcher and educational institutes for conducting residential research and seminars; and provide space for agro-eco tourism promotion.

Of the event, Mr. Inui Tomoyoshi, representative from ICA Japan, expressed gratitude to local villagers and regional leaders for providing opportunities to participate in the process of the development. Similarly, Prof. Dr. Tatwa P. Timsina expressed, that the training center would be a platform for overall development of the community.

The management committee of the training center formed by local people will be responsible for the sustainability and overall maintenance of the building.

Ishu Subba            subbaishu@gmail.com




The Junior Church, a unit in charge of children in the Church embarked on a transformation program for the unit. About twenty members of the unit gathered together to On October 1, 2019 to envision what the unit would be like three years from now.

Ten major areas identified as key areas that will transform the Department are:

  • Robust Teachers/Leadership Relationships
  • Effective Parents-Teachers Collaboration
  • Well Equipped Department
  • Children’s Numerical Growth
  • Well Balanced Teachers
  • Well Balanced Children
  • Discovery of Talents and Future Ambition
  • Easy Learning Process for the Children
  • Safe Environment for All
  • Improved Children Attendance & Participation

Below are pictures of participants at the workshop, facilitated by Hannah, a member of the Department. The other workshops have been slated for a later date due to the peculiarity of the Department.

This is an anuual program for youths tagged ‘Princes and Princesses’. The purpose is to sensitize them on how to cope with issues affecting youths so they would not become victims of such societal ills. It is also meant to equip them with skills that enhance the total development – spiritually, physically, mentally and socially (relationships).
One of the major activities this year was the discussion on Self Esteem. Due to low self esteem, youths engage in activities that destroy their destinies. The purpose of this topic was to expose participants to the causes and negative effects of low self esteem, and how they can boost their self esteem and live fruitful lives that positively impact others and society at large. One of the major highlights was that as Christians they should see themselves the way God our Creator, sees them as people made in His image. The discusion was anchored by Hannah, with others acting as group discussion leaders.
Other activities carried carried were presentations by the Choir, Drama group and individuals, Video Show anf talk by the organizer of the program, Evangelist (Mrs. E. Itiveh)

On September 11, 2019 the Directors had a meeting on WhatsApp to plan for the forthcoming conference in Ghana.
All the Directors participated in the meeting and decisions were made to enhance the host’s preparation for the conference. The conference is scheduled for November 3-9, 2019.

The Consulate, through the  arm, organizesbtraining programs monthly for members of the public and non profits in their office in Lagos.
On September 17, 2019 Hannah attended a training on Education and Productivity Apps. This was to expose participants to the various opportunities online that can enhance the activities of individuals and organisations.
On September 14, 2019, NNNGO organized one- day program to sensitize members on the regulatory requirements by the government of Nigeria in order to improve transparency and accountability amongst Nigerian non-profits. The one-day program centred on reviewing and adapting a standard operational manual which serves as a toolkit/guide for CSOs.
Some of the requirements include guidelines for establishing non profits, filing of annual returns, board management, auditing, financial management, developing organizational policies, among others.

Hannah Anighoro           epdi2008@yahoo.com


Here is the report. We are currently working on 8 action plans and will let you know when our action draft is ready

ICA APRC 2019 draft updated.pdf

With respect, Larry


ICA Ukraine is preparing to publish the book, A Compassionate Civilization, of our colleague Robertson Work in Ukraine in Ukrainian. We would very much like the book to go to the libraries of Ukrainian communities and members of Parliament. We will be very grateful for the financial or any other help of our organization. We are also incredibly grateful to those readers who already bought the book before its publication, which allowed us to start translating it. One hundred percent of the sale of any of these books goes to ICA Ukraine through the kindness of the author. You may 1) donate directly to ICA Ukraine, or 2) mail a check to ICA USA designating it for ICA Ukraine's book creation, or 3) contribute to the Facebook fundraiser for this purpose at:https://www.facebook.com/donate/411962192834036/ Thank you for your support.

Svitlana Salamatova          svetasalamatova@gmail.com


Sneak Preview !!!

The ICA Global Archives Website is still a work in process.  Help prepare for its launch via the ICA Board on Nov. 22nd. Peek by clicking this LINK  to the websiteIcaglobalarchives.org  

You are invited to join us in building this exciting way to share our Common Wisdom and the growing treasure trove of Documents, Manuals, Course Materials, Conversations, Songs, Photos, Lectures and Videos of our Mission plus many Stories of our Human Development Projects.  You may want to work from home via Virtual Participation as an option as well.

Have you been saying “Someday” for a long time about participating in Archives work?

Celebrate with us: We have now completed the sorting of the 500 archive file drawers!

Now we are anticipating a flexible schedule toward the ICA Archives Website “launch” with the ICA USA Board November 22. The time is even more flexible than the chart above indicates.

  • Come to Chicago in October to sort the remaining files. Join others - like Pam and Terry Bergdall, Kay and Geoff Nixon, Duncan Holmes and Ruth Gilbert - who have been assisting in this task.

  • Search your files for stories, models and insights that the world would benefit from knowing about our work for the past 60 years. Scan the files and email them as a PDF.

  • Plan to attend the Prep, the Sojourn and/or The Wrap Up to enable the launch of the ICA Global Archives web page to the general public on November 22.
The next two months represent a time for great celebration of the work of ICA colleagues around the world.

Email ​karen.snyder10@gmail.com​ re your plans - or call/text her at 312.758.2551 re questions.

Costs​: ​ Housing​: single bed $30/nite; couples $45/nite (bedding & towel provided) Conference Fee​: $30. ​Parking​ $7/per day. ​Housing​, conference fee, and parking payable by check, cash or credit card at time of registration. ​Food​: $25 per day; payable by cash or check directly to Alice Herriott.

For the Archive Advisory Council of ICA-USA

Town Meetings

Migrant Assistance

Dear ICA Colleagues,

Eugene Kouame of Cote de Ivoire wrote to me to state a concern for the masses of refugees now in Europe. He asked if I could make suggestions for rehabilitation and economic recovery for them. That is quite a challenge.

I’d recommend it begin with ICA facilitators journeying to these camps to conduct monthly ToP Town Meetings. They can gather the people to cast a vision for themselves and lay out action plans to achieve solutions & make friends with the people of the surrounding cities.

Facilitators will need funding, of course. I suggest interested ICA offices hire professional grant writers to send out grant proposals to the U.N. High Commissioner on Refugees, all associated governmental agencies, and philanthropic foundations; who are worried about the crisis, but don’t know what to do about it. (They might offer to pay the grant writers a percentage of the money they bring in.)

You can remind the High Commissioner that he hired ICA facilitation teams to resurrect the destroyed city of Sarajevo following the war in Bosnia. When they arrived, there were 300,000 people camping out in tents surrounding the burnt-out city.

In a year, they had the city up and running. The opposing political & cultural factions were cooperating. Sarajevo has since disappeared off the map of the world’s trouble spots. (Until recently, when reports state that Islamic groups have begun renewed aggression there.)

The November 3, 2000 edition of the Wall Street Journal published a long & glowing report on the Sarajevo transformation ~ and compared it to the struggles of the nation of Haiti, which had not been revitalized. The journal article praised the High Commissioner; but left out mention of the ICA team, which went in and did the actual work.

If anyone wants to learn about the challenges & strategies involved in that project; please contact David Dunn of Denver, Colorado; who worked on that project.

I will write more suggestions to help with the refugee problem in the days to come. There is a long list of ideas. (A quick one is to send out appeals for donations of used bicycles. With wheels & peddle-power, they can increase their scope & capabilities. And . . . they can cannibalize parts from derelict bikes to make a few good running ones . . . then use parts from others to make little carts and to use as steel beams to build structures.) There is much more.


Dennis Boydstun           dennyboydstun@gmail.com

Central American Town Meetings

Dear ICA Colleagues,

I’m enclosing copies of letters, which I gave to our California congressman John Garamendi when he staged a Town Hall meeting in Davis on Monday.  I took the opportunity to put in an appeal to congress to sponsor & fund Town Meetings in the distressed regions of Central America, which our flood of refugees is fleeing from.  (I also slipped copies to cameramen of Fox News, Sacramento Channel 13, and to the Davis Enterprise.)

Dear Congressman Garamendi,

            President Trump’s Border Wall is a monument to human ignorance.  These people ~ gathering at our borders ~ are fleeing from poverty and dysfunctional political situations.

            The solution is to resurrect the broken societies in Central & South America.

            We can do that.  We have the people and the methods.  The Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA) has developed an improved “Neighborhood Town Meeting”.  It is a 5-Step Strategic Planning process called “Technology of Participation” (ToP).  It calls on the neighborhood residents to cast a Vision of the future they want, set Goals, then form into Action Teams to actually go out and build their future ~ on a volunteer basis.  I’ve seen it happen and know that it works miracles in destitute societies.  “Central America ~ A great place to live!”

            The technology was created in Chicago ~ in the 1950’s ~ and has grown in popularity.  The ICA is now an international organization (www.ica-international) with headquarters in Toronto and offices in several nations around the world.  They do live & virtual meeting facilitation.  Their teams have done work for various United Nations agencies.  They are now working with the U.N. Agricultural Department to construct a Virtual Conferencing network in Rome to connect their agricultural offices across Europe.

            ICA facilitation teams ended the famine in India in the 1970’s.  (The villagers set up coordinated business plans & local farming.)  They resurrected the desecrated City of Sarajevo following the Bosnian War.  We can simply hire them to move into the distressed areas of Central America and facilitate a series of Neighborhood Town Meetings there. 

~  Can you introduce this proposal into congress?  ~

            These Neighborhood Town Meetings will give the neighborhood people of the impoverished areas of Central America the ability to do coordinated economic planning at the local level.  They will draw the young boys into community involvement and enable them to get jobs locally or start their own businesses.  When they have spending money, older mentors, and a sense of community responsibility; they will be less likely to join MS-13 to do drug running and gangland fighting. 

            And . . . when neighborhoods ~ across the country ~ stand together, they will have real political strength to influence the decisions of their governments and force out the corruptions.  In two or three years, the establishment of community stability will result in a vast improvement in their countries and a slow-down in the jam at our border.  They won’t want to leave home.

            We just need official sponsorship and government funding to pay teams of facilitators to relocate to those regions, train facilitation assistants, and lead the meetings.  We should also add seed money to help finance the neighborhood reconstruction projects, which they will surely want to embark on.  Spending a few million on establishing citizen empowerment will save the millions & billions spent on the wall . . . and the ongoing crisis of border defense . . . and the dangers of failing democracies to the south.

            I am a former U.S. Air Force officer and Vietnam veteran.  I also served on the battle staff at our NORAD nuclear command post at Malmstrom AFB in Montana in 1970.  I watch the world with worry and try to find ways to bring peace to our world.  This is how to do it.  Our failures in Vietnam, Afghanistan, and across the Middle East are the direct result of not instituting local Town Meeting Assemblies to be the foundation of citizen participation in the political & economic planning processes in those nations. 

            We helped them set up national elections, but the reigning warlord networks simply jimmied the elections and assimilated the mantle of Democracy into their daily operations.  We left the people in poverty & in the clutches of new dictators running sham democracies.

            Town Meetings are necessary to give the people of developing nations the power to force their governments to honesty and to create economic prosperity.  I long ago wrote a series of letters to Presidents Bush & Obama, Secretary of State Clinton, all members of the senate & congress, and a commanding general (General Caldwell) in Afghanistan to plead for this . . . but was totally ignored.  (Am enclosing a few samples.) 

            The outcomes are very much as I had predicted . . . more failures, much like the one we personally experienced in Vietnam.  We are leaving Afghanistan with the people still in poverty and under warlord control.  The Taliban is their only alternative to the dysfunctional government there.  Now there are new demonstrations in Baghdad about the poverty & starvation there.  Our old enemy ~ Al Sadr ~ is now said to be the power behind that sham government.

            All that death . . . and it reverts back to corruption.  If we want to build stable Democracies around the world . . . if we are to ever have a world at peace, we will need to establish the Town Meeting as the Foundation of true citizen participation in local economic planning and political decision-making.  This will call on everyone to wake up out of their isolation and take on responsibilities for their communities and their world.  That’s what Democracy is about . . . everyone contributing ideas, moral guidance, and personal dedication.

            Let’s give it a try near home.  If we can stabilize Central America, we can stop the border influx of destitute & abused neighbors . . . and we will have a demonstration of how to stabilize other nations across the oceans from us.  We will know how to handle future wars.  Please write to me.  I will be glad to help set up a working program.  We can draw up a strategic plan and get cost estimates.  Thank you.


Dennis Boydstun           dennyboydstun@gmail.com

P.S. ~ Please imagine: “World Peace!” It is for us to build. There are no obstacles. There is plenty of money out there . . . and everyone wants the same thing. They just don’t yet know they have the power. No one has called them to take it on.

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