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Global Buzz Report: August 2019

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ICAI Board Report:

Dear ICAI members
We are announcing our next general assembly on August 29th, 2019, please reserve the date. We are going to have two sessions due to different time zones. Please start preparing a short presentation of what your ICA is doing so we can have a space to share among each other. As soon as possible we will be sending the agenda.

I look forward hearing you via adobe connect at out general assembly!

Lisseth Lorenzo            lissethlorenzo@gmail.com
ICAI President

The new Winds and Waves magazine

We are delighted to invite you to share your stories
via medium.com/winds-and-waves which is the public platform
we have moved to now, to publish Winds & Waves.
Please see the attachment which sets out how you can now
personally publish your stories for Winds and Waves magazine.

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ToP Facilitation workshop in Benin From 15 to 19 July, 2019.

ICA Benin organized a workshop focused on ToP training in Cotonou. Initially scheduled for our women groups, capacity building, it was extended to our staff and board members and sister NGOs. Entitled:”Facilitation methods, facilitator posture and visual power” it was a very active workshop. During the five days, participants and facilitators were busy. More than 25 participants attended the training from 15 to 17 July, focused on GFM, but only ICA Benin staff and board members and a few sisters members (15 persons) were accepted for the two last days, focused on Graphic facilitation methods.

Financially supported by ICA UK, the facilitation course was conducted by two facilitators from France: Lan Lévi and Nicolas Verdot.

Certificates of participation have been granted to all the participants. In order to continue training on facilitation methods, a Learning Community course was created after the workshop. The official launching of this initiative was scheduled for 16 August 2019

Kassimou Issotina           lambassaica@yahoo.fr



The program is being organized to keep teenage girls engaged during the long vacation.

The purpose of the program is to equip the participants with knowledge and skills to face the journey ahead. During the period they will be equipped with skills in five different areas namely leather works, hygiene products, wool products, baking and hat making.

Also, there will be talks on issues affecting teenagers and youths, and entrepreneurship. 

The program commenced on July 29,2019 with talks on qualities of a princess and their uniqueness as individuals.

In the past week we’ve been training in leather works e.g. making of slippers, sandals, Pen holder, key holders, among others.

Below are pictures of the program.

Hannah Anighoro         epdi2008@yahoo.com  


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